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During a roof installation project, professional Essex County roofers use a variety of safety measures to keep themselves and the home's residents out of harm's way. This includes wearing eye protection and long work gloves, setting out tarps to collect debris and sweeping over the project site to collect errant roofing nails. Another important safety aspect involves the proper use of chemicals like roofing cement, paints and adhesives when installing a new wood shake roof. Before starting a roofing project, homeowners should learn about roofing safety as it relates to the home's indoor air quality.

When a new roof is being installed onto a home, the owners may notice some smells throughout the house for several days. Some of these odors may be noticeable from the yard as well. These odors result from the release of chemicals through a process called off gassing. Volatile organic compounds are most common in asphalt based roofing products such as shingles and roofing tar, although the paints, sealants and adhesives used on other kinds of roofing materials also release some of the compounds. One way to maintain good indoor air quality after roofers install a new rooftop is to use the home's mechanical ventilation system.

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Heat pumps usually have a fan only function. Whole house fans can also help air out the house. As a last resort, homeowners can open up windows around the home for additional passive venting of the indoor space.

Adhesives used to keep metal flashing strips and cedar or redwood shakes in place are another common source of off gassed chemicals. Whenever possible, roofers will use mechanical fasteners such as roofing nails or screws to keep these materials in the correct position. Experienced roofers use only the necessary amount of viscous adhesive materials.

Inexpensive or imported wood may be another cause of chemicals released by roofing systems. Part of this is from the treatments applied by manufacturers to reduce problems like infestation and mold growth. Property owners can ask roofers to use only Forest Stewardship Council Certified lumber, which is sustainable and treated with a minimal amount of chemicals.

Wooden roofs need to be sealed in order to maintain their beauty and remain functional for years to come. Unfortunately, many of these sealers release a great deal of volatile organic compounds. This is the new paint smell that many people are familiar with. To minimize these odors, homeowners can ask their roofers to use low or no VOC paints and sealants on their wooden shakes or shingles.

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