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Many people would think of the warm summer months as the only time to have roofs repaired or replaced. However, this is not the case as repairs are sometimes needed in all seasons to respond to an emergency caused by storms. Work on a roof can be done in a wide variety of conditions, and professional Essex County roofers are prepared to perform their work even through the winter months.

While the temperature and snow of a New Jersey winter may seem like they would present insurmountable challenges to roofing professionals, the best roofers will have the proper gear and knowledge to deal with these conditions. However, even though the roofers themselves are confident in their knowledge and abilities, some customers may still find themselves reluctant to have roofing work done in less than perfect conditions. In order to set such customers at ease, some common questions and concerns are discussed below.

The main concern most people have is with the snow or rain that winter often brings. Moisture in the home and roof itself is definitely something that many people would worry about, but professional roofers know how to prevent this. A professional roofer will not expose a roof during any sort of precipitation, and any existing snow would be cleared away before work is done.

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Another issue that a customer might have in the winter is the integrity of the shingles. One might think that shingles installed in the cold aren't attached as securely and could possibly blow away in a strong wind. However, the shingles that are used today are rated to withstand winds up to 130 miles per hour. Even the strongest winter storms will have quite a hard time blowing these shingles off. Additionally, one might wonder if the adhesive strips used in roofing would have trouble drying in cold weather and if this would cause problems with the shingles. There is no need to worry; a properly driven nail will be more than enough to hold the shingle in place even without the adhesive. Despite the fact that the adhesive cures best at temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it will still cure at temperatures below this. The nail will perform the bulk of the work of keeping the shingle secure.

While it may surprise many homeowners, performing roofing work in the winter is completely feasible and is not even much of an issue for the highest quality professional roofers.

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