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People spend a lot of effort to ensuring that heat does not enter or escape their home in the summer and winter. This is normally done by ensuring that a home has proper insulation and that there are no leaks in the home, such as around doors or windows. Another important part of keeping a home's temperature comfortable is ensuring that outside air can flow through a home's attic.

Having Essex County roofers ensure that a roof has an appropriate amount of ventilation will help prevent a roof from warping in heat, stop ice dams from forming and reduce the work an HVAC system needs to do. This is generally accomplished by installing vented soffits and ridge vents in an attic.

In the summer, hot, wet air will generally collect at the top of an attic. Without ventilation, the air will stay moist and can actually reach temperatures dozens of degrees higher than the outside temperature. Extremely humid air can lead to wood rotting, mold developing and the R value of insulation lowering.

If the air near the roof is hot enough, it can warp asphalt shingles.

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This can make the shingles less able to repel water and may make it more likely that they will rip off in high winds. Stifling attic temperatures may also heat up the air in HVAC ducts as well as the air in a home. When air flows through an attic, cooler and drier air replaces the scalding moist air in an attic, preventing many of these issues.

During the winter, very cold air in the attic can also lower the temperature of a home and the heated air in HVAC ducts, but if warmer outside air is allowed to flow through the attic, it can reduce the severity of this problem. Ventilation in an attic can also inhibit ice dams from forming because moving air has natural convection, which serves to prevent temperatures from being cold enough for air to freeze at the edge of a roof.

Vented soffits can be installed where a roof overhangs outside walls, covering the gap that would expose the attic to water and debris. These soffits keep everything but air from making its way inside. Air from soffits is normally made to flow through passageways comprised of baffles up to the top of a roof.

Ridged vents are openings at the apex of a roof that allow air to move out. A covering over the vents prevents water or debris from getting in.

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