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When homeowners buy a home or invest in a replacement roof, they are often relieved to learn that the roof comes with a warranty. Much of the time, however, homeowners don't go to the trouble of investigating exactly what that warranty includes, erroneously assuming anything that happens to the roof will be covered. After a leak appears or there is weather related damage, they then realize the warranty won't help them at all. Roofs can be covered by both a manufacturer's warranty and an installer's warranty. Anyone researching Essex County roofers should carefully examine the types of warranties they offered on their workmanship.

Many homeowners believe that manufacturer warranties will cover roof deterioration no matter what the cause. Roofing shingles and membranes have been steadily evolving and tend to last longer and perform better than they did just a couple of decades ago. This has led many manufacturers to warrant their products for very long periods of time or even to issue lifetime warranties. Typically, however, the warranty issued by the manufacturer of a roof's materials only covers against factory defects in those materials. It will not cover a roof's normal wear and tear or causes of accelerated roof decline such as the presence of rot and mildew or excessive snow and ice.

Most professional contractors offer warranties that cover their labor, so, when they install a new roof, it will be warranted to be free from defects in installation and workmanship.

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This is crucial because even the highest quality roofing materials won't perform well if they are improperly installed. These kinds of warranties don't generally last as long as manufacturer warranties do, with many only covering the work for five or ten years. Nevertheless, it's important to look for these because they indicate a company that is willing to stand behind the work it does.

The best course of action for homeowners is to read the fine print on both types of warranties. This may sound like a tedious chore, but it can spare the homeowner unpleasant surprises after a weather event or roof collapse. Roofing materials should be chosen based on their quality and expected future performance, not simply on the length of the warranty they come with. It's also important to note that roof warranties, like automobile warranties, don't exempt an owner from taking care of clogged gutters or missing shingles in a timely manner. No car manufacturer or service garage would honor a warranty on a car that's never had an oil change, for example. Likewise, homeowners should make sure to stay on top of regular roof inspection and maintenance.

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