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Most homeowners recognize normal sounds around their home, including hot water heater activities and creaking floorboards. In fact, even the roof system has some associated sounds. Trickling water down gutters is normal, for example, but unusual sounds must be investigated. Essex County roofers and homeowners should work together to locate and repair all rooftop system issues for superior structural integrity.

Traditionally, roof decking supports much weight across lower framing members. Over time, homeowners may hear distinct creaking sounds emanating from attic spaces. It's normal for roof decking and rafters to expand and contract between cool nights and hot days, but excessive creaking could indicate other problems. As a solution, hire roofers to evaluate decks and rafters for any problems. Mold and rot, for example, can weaken wood and cause creaking as deterioration sets in.

In addition, homeowners may also hear gusting air or shaking within attic spaces too. Contractors must evaluate attic and rooftop ventilation in these cases. For example, gable vents allow air into attics for immediate exhaust through ridge vents. However, poor ventilation design creates imbalanced air pressure within attics and rooftop ventilation shafts.

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As a result, homeowners hear air expanding and contracting within confined spaces instead of moving naturally through the structure. Contractors must add or adjust vents along rooftops and soffits to eliminate poor ventilation issues.

Slapping or flapping sounds could originate from rooftops when shingles are loose. As a solution, homeowners must contact roofers for a complete rooftop evaluation. Any loose shingles, for example, must be secured or replaced. Contractors examine each loose shingle to determine its failure cause. In many cases, roofing nails may be pulling out of the rooftop from extreme weather conditions. Consistent rooftop evaluations by professionals reduce loose shingle occurrences and quiet the surface.

During a rainstorm, homeowners may hear loud drips off one particular roof eave. Generally, these distinct drips originate from cracked gutter lengths. Water flowing down rooftops and into gutters must have smooth channels for efficient drainage. However, cracked gutter lengths provide an alternative direction for water flow. Ideally, contractors must repair or replace these cracked channels to stop major dripping noises and damages at foundation level.

Generally, homeowners should schedule extra rooftop inspections after severe storms. Typically, any aging or loose rooftop materials will fail during extreme weather patterns. Homeowners can request that roofers walk the entire rooftop surface to find any potential leak locations. Even small cracks, for instance, can create extensive leaks into homes.

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