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Homeowners seeking a durable roofing material that requires little maintenance and is environmentally friendly are increasingly seeking out rubber shingles or squares. When professionally installed by experienced Essex County roofers, a rubber rooftop can last for decades. Before planning on the installation of a rubber roofing system, property owners should first learn about the two different options and the pros and cons of their use.

Whole roof squares are a popular option for houses with a flat roof. They are large in size, making them fast and simple for expert roofers to install. These large rubber tiles can also be custom made to fit a specific home's roof, which allows for customization of the color, pattern and thickness of the product. Homeowners who have plans to grow a rooftop garden like the lightweight nature of the tiles. These tiles are also waterproof, which provides additional protection against standing water that is difficult to drain from a rooftop garden or a no slope roof. Although the custom sized pieces are more expensive upfront, they may have few or no seams, which greatly reduces any risk of a roof leak.

Another option for rubber roofing is individual shingles. These shingles are made in the same size as traditional asphalt or composite shingles but are made from one half to three quarters of an inch thick slabs of rubber.

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Professional roofers install the rubber shingles just like they would install traditional asphalt or wooden shingles. Roofing nails, flashing and cement are all used to keep the shingles in place. The advantages of this style of roofing include a finished look that is nearly identical to a traditional black asphalt shingled roof. The rubber shingles are lightweight, making it easy for the roofing crew to transport, lift and install them onto a house. With no granules that can come loose, the home's gutters may not need to be cleaned as frequently as they would with asphalt shingles. These shingles are also more forgiving to wear and tear that could be caused by someone walking across the rooftop to do an inspection or maintenance work.

While there are many good reasons to use a rubber roof, there are a few drawbacks to this material. Rubber gets hot quickly when exposed to sunlight. On extremely hot days, the rubber might even begin to soften somewhat. This excessive heat could flow through the roofing materials and into the home's living spaces if there is not enough attic or rooftop insulation.

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