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When a homeowner purchases gutters for the property, he or she must choose the desired gutter system. Traditionally, it takes many pieces of gutter material held together by a fastener to cover the entire length of a roof. This is done to ensure that the gutters can go on a roof of any length without being too long or too short to provide proper coverage.

However, there are two main drawbacks for homeowners who opt to use a seamed gutter. First, the sealant or fastener that holds the seams together can become weak or erode over time. This may cause some of the seams to sag, come away from the house or otherwise make it harder for water to run properly along the gutter and away from the house.

If a seam is leaking, it could lead to issues such as water getting into the home or seeping into the foundation. Essex County roofers may be able to help determine if water damage or other structural issues are being caused by gutters that are currently installed on a home and take steps to correct the issue.

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The second drawback to seamed gutters is the fact that they may form ridges where debris can collect and form small blockages. Over time, these minor blockages could become larger and effect addition pieces of gutter nearby. This could also lead to water backing into the home or ice damming during the winter months. Even with a gutter guard, there is no guarantee that they won't clog or need to be cleaned out on a regular basis, which may force a homeowner to spend extra time and money on maintenance.

With a seamless gutter system, there is no need to fasten and seal each piece together. The gutter is attached to the roof in one large section and is generally made from aluminum. This metal does a good job against the elements, which is important in an area that may experience temperatures below 35 degrees Fahrenheit and above 85 degrees in the same year.

Another benefit of a seamless aluminum gutter system is that aluminum does not rot or warp like wood gutters do. Therefore, a homeowner does not need to worry about termite or other insect damage from occurring. Unlike vinyl, aluminum does not expand or contract as much during times of extremely cold weather, which means it won't break, crack or become brittle during the winter or as it gets older.

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