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The siding of any given building is subjected to a variety of elemental hazards. Whether it's nature or human error, damage can occur at any moment in time. Once this damage has been caused, it can begin to cause internal problems in a wide range of ways. To prevent this kind of damage, regular inspections of the siding should be done. Those that trust certain Essex County roofers to inspect the siding have found it invaluable when considering the monetary costs of replacing or repairing internal damages.

One of the more prominent problems that broken siding can deliver to a home is allowing the weather to compromise the structure. Depending on the size of the hole or crack, this could create a range of problems from rotting the framework of walls to reducing energy efficiency. During the summer, cool air can escape from these areas. In contrast, warm air can escape during the winter as well. This means that air conditioning and heating appliances will need to run more often in order to keep the home at a base temperature.

Weather isn't the only thing that can affect the home when there is a compromised area of siding. During the spring and summer months, insects could begin to infest those areas.

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Of these insects, bees and wasps are well known to build hives within the structures of walls. This could give these creatures access to various rooms of the house through cracks or even unshielded power sockets. Over the span of several weeks, a very large number of bees or wasps could accumulate within the walls posing a serious health threat to those that are allergic to such stings.

Small animals could also take residence inside the home through compromised siding. Field mice, squirrels and other small rodents could have immediate access to your house. This could lead to a number of risks such as diseases from feces or bites. Although bats may not infiltrate inside the home, the guano could still pose certain health risks within the walls. Birds are also a common fixture within homes that have broken areas of siding or holes in the roof. Although these animals may provide less of a health risk, they can still cause a lot of damage by building nests out of housing materials such as insulation.

When it comes to protecting the assets of a home, there is no such thing as an insignificant small hole. As a mouse can fit its body into any crevice that its head can fit into, even the smallest of cracks could prove problematic. Inspecting the siding regularly can help owners find these problems before the damage becomes more costly.

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