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Adding skylights to a home is an effective way to brighten the interior and make it more welcoming. One of the best times to have a skylight added is when the roof is already being replaced, and Essex County roofers are happy to offer this service. There are several different types of skylights to choose from, and they all provide homeowners with some important benefits.

In the past, skylights came in a basic design, but this is changing as manufacturers strive to meet the varied needs of homeowners. A fixed skylight does not open, but it allows light to filter into the space. Alternately, homeowners can go with a ventilating skylight that can be opened for greater airflow. This is an appealing option for bathrooms and the kitchen. A tubular skylight uses a round tube to carry light through an attic space and into the main living area.

Skylights come in a few shapes, including flat rectangles, round domes, polygons and pyramids. The different shapes are ideal for shedding show or rain from the surface, and they can add some architectural interest to the home exterior.

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Lean to skylights can also be used to transition from the roof of one level to the upper wall of another level, and the hip ridge skylight will peak above the roof's surface to bring in light from multiple directions.

Skylights improve the lighting throughout a home. Most people prefer natural light, and the skylight will deliver the sun's rays to a home's interior while preserving the existing wall space.

It's believed that skylights also improve mental and physical health by providing people with vitamin B1 and D as well as keeping depression away. Regular exposure to natural light can help treat high blood pressure and lower overall stress levels.

Finally, skylights can effectively boost the value of a home and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Homeowners can use tubular lights to brighten a dim hallway or add a ventilating skylight to an interior bathroom or walk in closet to create a more welcoming space. Skylights are a welcome addition to any living room, and people enjoy having them in bedrooms as well.

It's best to work with professional roofers to ensure that the penetration from the skylight is adequately covered and protected from the rain. It's not necessary to wait until the roof is being replaced to install a skylight. Intact roofs can easily be cut and altered to allow for the addition of an attractive and functional skylight.

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