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Slate can be one of the most durable and reliable primary materials that Essex County roofers can establish for a roofing system. Slate can last a long time and provide homeowners with an unparalleled degree of service during that time. However, much like any other system, it can suffer from weathering and deterioration over time. In order to make the most of a slate rooftop, all homeowners are strongly encouraged to watch out for some of the following warning signs that may indicate there is something wrong with their roof. By spotting these issues early, it can be easy for homeowners to preserve the integrity of their roofing system in the future.

One of the first signs of damage that all homeowners should be sure to watch out for is chalking along the surface of the shingles. Slate shingles will begin to fade and dull over time, but one of the surest ways for homeowners to determine that their system is becoming too old is by watching out for chalky surfaces. In such instances, the shingles will begin to appear brittle, and they may actually break away upon touch or impact. Standing away from the home and looking over the roof's surface with a pair of binoculars can be one of the best ways for individuals to spot such signs of delamination and aging.

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Individuals should also be sure to look for bare spots on their roof. This is a particularly large problem to watch out for because it may imply several issues with the roof. In order to assess the damage, homeowners should first walk around their property and find the missing shingles. Once they spot the loose shingles, they can inspect it to determine the specific cause of damage. If the shingle is chalky and crumbling, then the surface system may need to be replaced in its entirety as all of the shingles are beginning to age. If, on the other hand, the shingle is solid and still sturdy, the problem may have been with the fasteners or nails.

Finally, homeowners should be sure to observe the surface of their shingles for obvious signs of physical damage. While slate is a very durable material, it may be weakened by physical trauma. Falling branches and improper walking techniques on the roof can result in fractures. Slate roofing systems are also particularly susceptible to hail, so homeowners should be sure to watch out for pockmarks and holes around their roof's surface.

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