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As the technology becomes more sophisticated and more affordable, the installation of solar energy solutions has become more prevalent. After all, solar panels and shingles can generate a lot of energy, and homeowners can reduce their utility bills and quickly offset their initial investment. With this mind, area homeowners must determine if solar shingles or panels are the better fit for their roofs.

A solar panel is a large panel that's designed to absorb sunlight and store it in solar cells. That stored energy can then be converted into electricity or heat on demand. The average solar panel installation is designed to last about 20 years. Many professional Essex County roofers warn that solar panels installed on a basic asphalt roof only expected to last 10 to 15 years will lead to unnecessary expenses. Most professionals recommend installing panels on a roof with a life expectancy of at least 20 years.

Solar shingles, which are also called solar roof tiles, provide an alternative to solar panels and are a relatively new product on the market. While solar panels are quite large, solar shingles are about the size of standard asphalt shingles. They're lightweight, and due to their smaller form and ability to blend in with an existing roof, many people find them to be more aesthetically pleasing than panels.

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These tiles take the place of asphalt shingles, and most homes generally only require a row or two.

Solar panels are durable and can last two decades or more. They also require very little maintenance unless they are damaged in a storm. However, the manner in which they're attached to a roof is a leak risk, so it's necessary to monitor the flashing in those areas and replace it as soon as there are signs of wear. Another advantage to solar panels is that they can be oriented in an ideal way to capture sunlight regardless of the location of the home.

An advantage that solar shingles have over solar panels is their weight, which isn't much more than an asphalt shingle. Some roofs simply can't support the additional dead load of solar panels, but this isn't a problem associated with solar shingles. Solar shingles tend to be more affordable, are easy and quick to install and match up with the longevity of asphalt shingles. While solar shingles are a great solution for asphalt shingles, they aren't suitable for all roofing materials, including slate or cedar.

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