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A gambrel roof is considered a blend of hip and gable roofs. It has a two sided design that culminates at the ridgeline and then declines into two slopes on each side. The upper sections have shallow pitches of about 20 degrees, while the longer, lower sections have steeper pitches of about 70 degrees to 75 degrees. The symmetrical gambrel roof is commonly used to provide a living area on the upper level of a home.

Homeowners will find that the gambrel roof is a popular residential design for many reasons. The upper sections of the roof provide extra attic space. It is comparatively easy and affordable to construct, and the trusses used for support have minimal framing in the middle that provides the opportunity to adapt the space as a living area. Although gambrel roofs previously did not fare well in regions that had extreme snowfall and winds, the modern materials now used by Essex County roofers for the lower sections of the roof are able to provide a stable defense against inclement weather.

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Gambrel roofs are also often constructed with the addition of dormers, protruding structures that are built into the sloped section of a roof in order to provide more space directly beneath roof or to be used as a light source. Dormers, which are often fitted with windows or skylights, are placed in the lower, steeply angled sections of a gambrel roof and can serve as an efficient method of providing roof ventilation, something that can be an issue with the roof's design.

Even though the gambrel roof design is frequently used for homes, its earliest association is with barns. Due to the amount of space the design can provide and its ease of construction, a gambrel roof is also an excellent choice for large or small scale garages, storage sheds, and commercial buildings.

As the aesthetic appeal of a home or building is often a concern for most homeowners, it should be noted that a gambrel roof can sometimes make the building on which it sits appear to be shorter than what it actually is, especially if a single type of roof covering is used. Homeowners can avoid this by using two types of roof coverings, such as metal panels on the upper sections and asphalt shingles on the lower sections.

The gambrel roof has a practical design that will suit many types of buildings. Anyone who is interested in this design should speak with a roofing specialist for more information.

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