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If you've elected to use asphalt shingles for your new roofing installation, one of the decisions you'll have to make is how you want the roof's ridge covered. This is the horizontal line at the highest point of the roof that runs the length of the roof area and where the roof planes intersect. The ridge needs to be shingled differently than the rest of the roof because it's exposed to the highest wind speeds and also the first point of contact for rainfall. The ridge of your roof is one of the most noticeable points on your roof in addition to being the most vulnerable, so you'll want it to look good.

Moisture problems are common on roofs with inadequately protected ridges. Fortunately, qualified Essex County roofers will know how to properly cover this area. You'll want to discuss whether or not a ridge vent will be installed as part of the roof's vent system, and if it is, whether or not it will be a shingle-over ridge vent.

You'll next need to talk about ridge cap shingles, which go over the roof's ridge and hips. There are two alternatives with ridge cap shingles.

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The first one is to simply cut up the regular field shingles so that they will bend and fit over the ridge. The second option is to use ridge cap shingles that have been specially designed for use on ridges and hips. There are a couple of reasons why the latter method is preferable.

The first reason that using specialty ridge cap shingles a better choice is aesthetics. Most asphalt shingle manufacturers have several lines of ridge cap shingles from which to choose, designed to perfectly match that manufacturer's roof colors. Ridge cap shingles tend to come in two profilesstandard and raised. Standard-cut ridge cap shingles are a more economical, low-profile product. Raised-profile shingles add dimension and a definitive edge to a roof's ridge. The added appeal, however, usually comes with a higher price tag.

Ridge cap shingles also tend to win out over cut-up shingles in the level of roof protection they provide. They come pre-bent so there's less chance that they'll crack when installed. They also come with better adhesive and are thicker, which helps prevent them from tearing when being nailed in. All of these features help ensure that they'll be installed properly and more resistant to strong winds, which is crucial because a common cause of roof leaks is exposed ridges and hips due to blown-off shingles.

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