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Choosing the right roof for the right house encompasses a variety of different factors that the homeowner should keep in mind. If the house is a new construction, the type of roof the builder suggests will probably meet most of the requirements the homeowner has. If the project is replacing a roof on an older house, the owner has the option of going with a traditional look or trying something entirely different. Either way, the homeowner will definitely want to consult with professional Essex County roofers for some expert opinions on the best choices.

Some choices are rooted in common sense. A flat roof on a house in an area that gets a lot of snow is impractical. A steeply sloped roof may look good, but if the area doesn't get snow, the owner may be paying more than necessary for a roof that could also cost them more in energy bills over the long run.

Asphalt tiles have been and still are the most common choice for roofs, and they are less expensive than other roofing materials. Wind and fire resistant to a point, these shingles are now manufactured in different thicknesses and offer more style choices than they used to. Asphalt doesn't last as long as other roofing materials, so the roof will probably need replacement sooner than roofs made of wood, stone or metal.

For residential purposes, metal roofing comes in seamed sheets and in tiles.

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Metal is a great choice for a fire and wind resistant roof that will last a long time. Costs will vary because metals like copper or zinc will be more expensive than aluminum. While metal will cost more up front than asphalt shingles, the expense may well pay for itself over the extra years metal will last. For the ecologically minded consumer, metal is a good choice as it contains recycled metals in its production, and once it is no longer used on the home, it will be recycled into something else.

Clay tiles are distinctive and long lasting. While they are most commonly seen on Colonial Spanish or Mediterranean homes, clay tiles come in an assortment of colors and shapes that makes them suitable for other architectural styles. Clay tiles are extremely fire resistant, and the homeowner may get a reduction in insurance costs in certain areas. Concrete tiles cost less than clay tiles but are heavier than clay and can be heavy enough to require structural reinforcement before being put on the house.

Wood shingles or shakes are visually striking, but even if the shingles are impregnated with fire retardant, they still do not provide the same kind of protection from fire as metal or clay tiles. Another option is plastic polymer shingles, which can be made to look just like wood or clay tiles.

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