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One of the oldest styles of roofs for homes in the United States is the saltbox roof. It is a colonial era design that was created in New England. It evolved from adding a cover over an additional living space, or lean to, that was added to the rear of a home. For the most part, it is older homes that commonly bear this style of roof although there are homeowners who are intrigued by the unique design and who opt to have the style integrated in their current home or new construction. Anyone who is interested in a saltbox roof should speak with one of the Essex County roofers.

A saltbox roof is a steeply sloped and asymmetrical roof with one long side that extends down into a low pitch towards the rear of the house. It is often found on homes that are two stories on one side and one story on the other, and it results in one of the interior ceilings having a slope.

There are a few reasons why homeowners may consider a saltbox roof for their home. Its distinguishing asymmetry can give a home a distinctive look. The high pitch design of a saltbox roof allows it to easily shed water and snow and avoid buildup, which makes it advantageous for homeowners living in northern climates.

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This type of roof is also easy to build. If a homeowner decides on the saltbox design for an existing home, the new roof can be built off the current structure; he or she only needs to decide if the existing slope should be continued at the junction or if the slope should be altered.

While some homeowners may find the asymmetrical look of the saltbox roof appealing, others may view it as a major flaw in the design of a home, particularly when it is observed from the side. Having a home constructed or updated with a saltbox roof in a neighborhood of modern styled homes may not fare well for the home's resale value. This style of roof is more likely to be more acceptable and a better investment in an area with other similarly styled homes.

Another drawback of a saltbox roof is the limited attic space. The design does not allow as much functional attic space as other types of roofs. A roofing contractor may be able to overcome this by altering the roofline to make more room for attic space.

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