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Whether homeowners are remodeling or completing a new build project, choosing the right windows is an important task that shouldn't be taken lightly. As a key architectural element, windows can change the overall look of the home and the functionality of a space. To choose the right windows, there are a few things homeowners should consider. Essex County roofers will be able to guide homeowners in the right direction and make recommendations based on the home itself.

One of the most important things to consider is the architectural style of the home. Homes with a distinct style should have windows that complement and enhance it. Modern homes are known for their straight lines and streamlined appearance. An intricate window with an elaborate mullion wouldn't fit in a modern home. Instead, sleek floor to ceiling windows would be better suited. Homeowners should keep the style of their home in mind when shopping for windows and choose an option that would duplicate the distinct style on the home's exterior while providing ample sunlight inside.

Choosing the right color of window frame can make all the difference. Again, homeowners should consult the design and color scheme of their home to make an appropriate choice. While many window manufacturers supply window frames in basic white, others can provide a variety of color choices that are infused during the manufacturing process.

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This is a better option than painting, as a mixed in color will last longer. Homeowners can choose to get both the frame and mullion in different colors for a unique aesthetic. These colors can be harmonious with the exterior color palette of the home to create pleasing uniform look. Alternatively, homeowners can go with a splash of color to accent the windows.

Homeowners should also consider how the window will be used. Some rooms can benefit from certain types of windows. For example, rooms that need ventilation and air circulation should get operable windows. Windows can be made to open horizontally, vertically or on a tilt. Kitchens, baths and smaller rooms should have operable windows to let in breezes and fresh air. Larger rooms don't necessarily need operable windows. Instead, homeowners can maximize the amount of natural sunlight entering the space by having fixed windows installed. These windows do not open and can be made much larger. Homeowners should decide how a space will be utilized to better determine what type of window will be best.

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