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Periodically, homeowners must call household technicians to install or service air conditioners, satellite dishes and other hardware on the rooftop. However, unauthorized personnel traversing the roof could inadvertently damage shingles. To ease damage concerns, homeowners should contact Essex County roofers to inspect the shingles for any problems after technicians leave the property.

Contractors often look for obvious damage as they initially evaluate the rooftop. For example, a technician may have installed a brand new satellite dish. Its mount, however, directly attaches to the roof surface. As a result, shingles could be missing from the immediate dish installation area. Roofers must examine and install shingles around the dish mount to protect the exposed area. Ideally, no wood decking should be visible along the rooftop.

Experienced contractors wear specialized roofing boots to carefully walk across shingles. Unauthorized personnel, however, could wear inappropriate footwear that causes possible shingle fractures. Roofers systematically inspect all shingles to detect any cracks. Older shingles, in particular, often become brittle over time. Sunlight radiation and other weathering effects reduce shingle flexibility, for example. Improper footwear and heavy footsteps often crack shingles, so roofers pinpoint and replace these materials before leaks develop and damage interior spaces.

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Contractors also look for dislodged shingle fasteners as they continue surface evaluations. For example, roofing nails may be slightly loosened from their original torque specification. As other personnel walk on the shingles, shoe soles could catch on nails and partially dislodge them. Afterward, roofers must locate these nails and secure them to the surface. In some cases, contractors might pull old fasteners and add new nails instead. Ideally, each shingle must have four to six nails for proper adherence to the rooftop surface.

As unauthorized personnel climb up to rooftops, they might disturb surrounding gutter lengths. Entire sections could sag or become misaligned with connection points, for instance. As a solution, roofers must evaluate all gutter lengths. For example, they'll use ladders to closely examine each length at eye level. Contractors also adjust gutter brackets to create a smooth downward angle for flowing water. The gutter system must work properly for the roof to last several decades with few problems.

Ideally, homeowners should hire hardware technicians prior to a basic rooftop preventive maintenance appointment. Technicians complete their rooftop work, for example, followed by roofers examining the shingled surface. As a result, any rooftop problems are swiftly found and repaired. Planning property maintenance with a logical schedule saves homeowners money over time.

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