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Contractors can replace a roof within a few days, depending on square footage and material type. In fact, this streamlined timeline isn't possible without specialized tools. Essex County roofers rely on both hand and power tools to efficiently tear off and install shingle projects, for example. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with these tools to understand their installation's complexity and overall timeline.

Hammers and nails are core tools for shingle installations, but hand tools slow down the process. As a solution, contractors use pneumatic nailers to quickly add fasteners into shingles. These air tools connect to compressors for constant power at specific torque values. As a result, roofers always add nails into shingles without too much or too little force. Contractors simply need to hold nailers at a perpendicular angle to the rooftop for instant fastener connections.

Collective tools to keep contractors secure on the rooftop are safety equipment components. Five point harnesses, for example, connect to anchors attached to roof surfaces. As a result, harnesses catch roofers slipping on shingle surfaces. Nets surrounding roof edges and ladder locks are also considered safety tools for all roofers. Ideally, contractors must use a combination of different safety items at each job to protect all workers from injury.

Contractors must install all shingles with straight horizontal lines across rooftops.

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In fact, roofers achieve this straight aesthetic using chalklines. For example, two contractors extend a string covered in chalk above the rooftop's surface. Workers snap this string, so it creates an instant line on the roof. As a result, roofers have a perfect straight line to reference for shingle installation. Contractors use this simple tool for almost all straight reference line needs.

Experienced contractors always remove all nails from decking surfaces. Most structures, for instance, have hundreds of nails holding old shingles to rooftop surfaces. In fact, rogue nails could tear through newly installed roofing felt and create leaks into the home. Pulled nails, however, can accidentally fall to the ground. Contractors use magnetic sweeper tools to locate and secure all loose fasteners at ground level. In most cases, contractors use sweepers at day's end and after project completion for thorough project safety.

Contractors also use incredibly simple components, such as shingle removers and roofing nails, to complete projects. However, contractors must apply proper roofing techniques using these items to create long lasting installations. Roofing nails, for example, must be flush against materials to form leak free connections. In the end, inspectors evaluate all roofing components during and after installations to verify quality projects.

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