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Today's well engineered roof systems are so durable and weather resistant that it's easy to forget that roofs can and do fail. Recognizing the warning signs that a roof is in trouble is important, and catching an issue quickly can mean the difference between a simple roof repair and an extensive roof replacement.

Warning signs of a roof leak or impending roof failure are often subtle or seemingly unimportant. As a result, homeowners may miss the clues if they aren't on the lookout for trouble or don't know where to look. Experienced Essex County roofers are great resources for pointing out potential problem areas, but homeowners should also know what to look for.

Often, the first sign of a problem with an asphalt shingle roof is evident not on the roof but on the ground around the home and in the gutters. Asphalt shingles normally have a top layer of granules that protect them from sun and heat damage. Those granules wash away a bit over time, but excessive granule loss means that the shingle is defenseless against the elements. Evidence of this damaging loss of granules turns up at the base of downspouts as piles of grainy substances. Sometimes, homeowners will find large amounts of the granules in gutters too. Wherever they're found, clumps of sand like granules should be reported to a trusted roofing contractor and prompt a quick roof inspection.

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Noticeable changes to the roof's appearance are also concerning. Curled shingles, a wavy roofline, dark spots on shingles or tiles and buckled surfaces can lead to costly roof leaks.

Wall and ceiling paint is vulnerable to water seepage, so it's often a good place to watch for leaking. When exposed to excessive or prolonged periods of wetness, paint will bubble up or peel. If walls are blistering or peeling, it may be the result of a leaking roof or an inadequately sealed window frame. An expert roofing professional can pinpoint the cause of the water damage and provide advice on how to fix it.

Warning signs are in the attic and rafters, too, where the roof deck is sometimes visible. If the roof deck is sagging or bowing, or if the insulation attached to the roof deck is soggy or wet, water is probably penetrating the roof's layers and damaging its very structure. Similarly, the joists, girders, beams and rafters supporting the roof deck can show water damage by warping, rotting or becoming infected with insects. If any of these symptoms appear, it's time to call a roofing contractor.

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