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After a homeowner experiences roof damage that person may wonder what went wrong, especially if the cause is not readily obvious to them. A fallen tree limb or catastrophic storm event are easy to explain. Some situations or events that can cause roof damage are not. Essex County roofers have found themselves answering many questions like this in last few years. Here are some of the most common answers for homeowners curious about roof damage.

The most frequent cause of roof damage is the wind. In part, this is because the roof is consistently exposed to it, even though the wind might not seem that powerful, except during storms. Over time, even a light bluster can loosen nails and shingles. Then, when stronger winds come along, the shingles come free of the roof decking to be found on the front lawn the next morning.

Homeowners who find shingles or parts of shingles detached from the roof after a storm are advised to have their roof professionally inspected to prevent larger and more expensive problems, including leaks. From there, the shingles should be replaced immediately to ensure the overall integrity of the roof.

Hail is another major source of roof damage, although some geographic areas are more prone to hail storms than others.

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Many insurers recommend having the roof inspected following each hailstorm. Homeowners, however, frequently neglect to do this and are astonished when their roof begins to leak or shed shingles after a relatively minor storm. Hail damage is something that homeowners often cannot detect for themselves.

Snow and ice accumulation can also cause damage to the roof in some circumstances. One of these is when an ice dam forms of the roof. An ice dam is a massive of ice and snow that has been up near the edge of a poorly insulated roof. The mass can exert pressure in such a way as to allow snowmelt to seep beneath the shingles and into the home. The added weight is also bad for the roof in general.

Animals can damage roofs as well. Woodpeckers, squirrels, raccoon, rodents, and bats are the usual suspects in such instances. Rodents are generally the worst because of their penchant for chewing, but a determined woodpecker can wreak havoc upon wooden shingles or even ones made from other materials.

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can harm roofs too by causing them to crack and dry out prematurely; however, reducing the harmful effects of sunlight remains difficult. Vigilant maintenance is generally the best course of action for many of these issues, including monitoring for wind and hail damage and catching other forms of roof damage early.

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