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Fall is a great time for homeowners to begin preparing their roof for winter before snowflakes begin falling. Taking precautions now can help prevent or limit costly roof damage from harsh snow and ice storms likely to hit New Jersey this winter. Calling qualified Essex County roofers should be the first preventative step all homeowners make. A reputable roofing contractor can find any hidden cracks, excess moisture and other problems that could magnify after snow accumulation. It's also advised that homeowners follow these DIY roof protecting recommendations.

Cleaning the gutters is an essential chore that will help winterize the roof. Make certain that the gutters, downspouts and drains are cleared of leaves, twigs, needles and other debris. Clogged gutters can cause water to pool on the roof and freeze in cold temperatures, potentially harming the roof. A thorough cleaning will keep the gutter system functioning properly in the coming months. Consult with a professional or use a sturdy ladder to manually clear the clogs. Installing gutter guards or screens could aid in stopping blockages.

Doing some landscaping work is another important part to preventing winter roof damage. Trim back overhanging tree branches that could fall on the home under the weight of heavy snow or ice. Abrasion from limbs touching the roof can greatly damage the shingles too.

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It's best to keep branches at least 10 feet away from the roof surface. This will also cut down on the leaves collecting and decomposing in the roof valleys. Be sure to check with the local ordinances office before removing any trees near the property though.

Avoiding ice dams will be crucial throughout the winter season. Ice dams form when indoor heat makes snow in the middle of the roof melt, drip down and refreeze along the edges. Ice dams cause water to stagnate, seep beneath the shingles and often leak inside. The best way to stop ice dams is with good attic ventilation. Adding soffits or ridge vents can help keep the attic just five to 10 degrees warmer than outdoors. Having more insulation added can prevent heat from escaping into the attic and rising through the roof. Seal all vent pipes and exhaust fans too.

Continually remove heavy ice and snow as the winter progresses. Most sturdy sloped roofs can support at least 20 pounds per square foot, but any more snow can cause roof collapse. Rather than climb onto the icy roof, purchase a long handled roof rake to remove snow safely from the ground. As always, call an experienced roofer whenever anything seems amiss.

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