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There are many different types of attic insulation on the market, but not all are created equal. Each one performs differently and homeowners can expect varying costs for each type. It is not wise to choose an insulation material based on the price. A less expensive product sometimes winds up costing more if it does not do its job or stand up well, making the cost exponentially higher in the end.

Professional Morris County roofers can help with the correct insulation for every application. However, before any insulation is put into an attic, an inspection should be made for any holes or other openings, such as a chase opening, that can allow air flow from the attic to the living space and from the living space to the attic. This can create problems with energy efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality.

Proper insulation is a fundamental part of a roofing system, and, as such, cannot be emphasized too much. There are many types of insulation to choose from. The first type is known as batts insulation. In appearance, batts are pink rolled sections of insulation. Batts consist of fiberglass between paper or aluminum foil, and they are precut. Although they work well in some places, batts insulation might not be ideal for an attic where there are joists, rafters and other obstacles that must be worked around.

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Another type of insulation that does a good job of sealing any gaps is blown in insulation. It is made of either fiberglass or cellulose, which comes from recycled newspapers. Blown in insulation is typically a better option than batts because it is easy to get into hard to reach areas, seals any gaps and can be installed over existing insulation for added protection. The installer uses an air machine to move the insulation where it needs to go.

Foam is another option for attic insulation. Spray foam insulates at the roof line and seals any leaks, expanding upon being sprayed. Spray foam is a good option for protecting any HVAC equipment or ducts in the attic from excessive heat. Attic temperatures can soar to well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is less than an ideal spot for the homes heating and cooling system. Spray foam at the roof line makes a barrier between the roof and the HVAC equipment, effectively reducing attic temperature to a moderate level.

Insulation is an important contributor to a home's comfort and energy efficiency. When done properly, it protects the home from damage and saves the homeowners excessive utility costs.

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