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Mold in the attic is never considered a good thing. However, most types of mold are relatively harmless and can be removed quickly and easily without the home's occupants or the roof components being affected. One of the main exceptions to benign types of mold is black mold. Not only can black mold be incredibly toxic for both the occupants and pets of a home, it can also cause the roof to eventually collapse. Professional Morris County roofers should be called as soon as homeowners find evidence of mold in the roof or in the attic.

Black mold is likely to grow in homes that are humid or that have hidden leaks. If the home has a slow leak that permits water to enter into the attic or underneath the roof, it is likely that there may be mold growing somewhere nearby. Because homeowners do not often inspect the attic, eaves or insulation, the mold can grow unchecked until it causes serious problems.

There are several signs that black mold may be growing in the home. First, the spores are toxic to humans and other living creatures.

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If the occupants are suffering from flu like symptoms that disappear when they leave the home, those feelings of malaise could be caused by mold. Additionally, mold has a particular smell that can worsen when the HVAC unit is in use. Finally, condensation buildup and humidity is needed for mold to grow. If the home is humid or if there is water on the windows, the environment is perfect for mold growth.

If black mold is allowed to grow unchecked, it can eat right through the wooden or organic components of the roof and attic. In some cases, the entire roof can be too far gone to save. Many insurance companies may not cover damage to the roof caused by black mold, due to the amount of damage it can do, leaving the homeowner with the costs of major repairs or even the cost of a new roof installation. As such, homeowners should keep up with routine checks of the attic, underneath the roof and any area of the home that often becomes wet.

If the mold growth is new, a professional roofer can use a power washer to remove any mold growing on the outside of the home. If the mold is growing on the interior, a disinfecting solution can be made to remove the mold and to keep it from regrowing.

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