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For many people who own their homes, they don't think about the structure and condition of their roofs until they suddenly find themselves dealing with a leak. Most leaks occur because the roof has a smaller or larger area of missing shingles, but Morris County roofers know that leaks can occur because of damage to the underlayment or problems with other parts of the roof. If there is any type of damage to the eaves, water may not roll off the roof like it should. Any moisture that falls on the roof may instead roll into the valleys within the roof and cause puddles of standing water to form. One of the more common signs of a leak that homeowners should be aware of is any crack the forms on the ceiling.

A good roof will feature some type of underlayment that protects the roof itself and acts as a waterproof barrier with some type of shingles or tiles applied over the top. When cracks and holes form in that underlayment, water can easily drip between the shingles, fall through those holes and press against the roof. As the water continues building up, the moisture slowly starts penetrating the roof. The drywall and other building materials can only last so long before those materials start breaking down because of the high level of water or moisture.

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Instead of seeing cracks, some homeowners may notice that they see changes in the shape and size of the ceilings in their homes. This occurs because the ceiling attempts to compensate for the moisture. When more water builds up, it causes the ceiling to bow or sag. They may also notice small drips of water falling from the center of those bowed areas. Once the ceiling can no longer accommodate the water, it will split along the bowed portion and cause a full crack.

Homeowners concerned about leaks should also keep an eye out for peeling paint or wallpaper, especially along the ceilings and in the corners of rooms. Even the best type of paint requires a dry environment to stick to a surface. If there is a leak in the ceiling, it can eventually lead to a leak forming on the walls too. This will cause excess humidity to build up inside the home. That humidity will then cause both paint and wallpaper to peel away or begin separating from the walls. Changes in the color of the paint or wallpaper may also be an early warning sign of a roof leak.

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