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When insulating a roof or attic, many homeowners choose to go with a loose fill product. This is because loose fill insulation provides a number of benefits and is generally more effective than standard insulation products. While homeowners can choose to go with fiberglass loose fill insulation, cellulose insulation is a great alternative. Most Morris County roofers can install this type of insulation in attics, as well as, in walls and floors.

Essentially, cellulose insulation is made from paper. Manufacturers use up to 85 percent recycled materials, making the insulation very environmentally friendly. While many homeowners may stray away from cellulose insulation because it is made from paper, it is actually quite fire resistant. The insulation is treated with borate, making it act like a fire retardant. It effectively slows down a fire, keeping the home safe. In fact, cellulose insulation has a Class I fire safety rating, which is the highest rating possible.

In terms of thermal protection, cellulose insulation performs quite well. Because it is loose fill, the insulation can fit into any spot in the home. It does a great job at filling cracks and other spots that are difficult to insulate.

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It is also incredibly light, allowing homeowners to create an effective barrier over a large surface area without having to worry about compromising the structural integrity of a home. As a whole, the insulation does a great job at preventing thermal loss and gain.

Another great benefit to this type of insulation is its ability to control mold. While it will absorb some moisture, the borate controls mold growth. Other types of insulation will quickly harbor mold. However, cellulose can hold moisture for extended periods of time without showing any signs of mold growth. This is incredibly beneficial as homeowners will not have to completely replace the insulation of their home if they experience water damage.

In addition to fire resistance and mold control, the borate in cellulose insulation helps to control the population of bugs. Bugs are notorious for infiltrating homes and wreaking havoc on structural components. Wood eating bugs, such as termites, can be controlled with cellulose insulation. The borate acts as a pesticide, killing off any bugs that ingest the chemical.

Cellulose insulation can do wonders for a home. Professionals can install the insulation using specialized equipment. They will use a blower with a hose to disperse an even coating of the insulation. In the end, homeowners will have a noticeably comfortable home with additional protection from fire, bugs and mold.

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