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When your roof has to be replaced, you need a reliable contractor who will do the job for a reasonable price. Many factors should be considered in order to get a satisfactory result. Too often homeowners get stuck with subpar materials and workmanship simply because they fail to conduct the proper research before hiring a roofer. Morris County roofers should be thoroughly vetted before you put your trust in them. Although you may be eager to get the work started, your best bet is to first collect estimates from a few local businesses.

A roofing company that is established and well-known in your community is likely to stay around for long enough to honor the warranty if necessary. You should be able to get references from friends or neighbors who have used the contractor's services in the past. By contacting the Better Business Bureau or Home Builders Association, you can find out if the roofer has been reported for shoddy work or questionable business practices. A dependable, experienced roofing specialist will save you time and money in the long run.

A conscientious businessperson will carry both workers compensation and general liability insurance. He will also have a business license and offer manufacturer warranties. If you are seriously considering a particular roofer, then you have the right to ask for copies of his certificates. Feel free to contact the listed insurance companies for verification. You can rest assured that you're dealing with a legitimate business once you've seen proof of the appropriate coverage.

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Estimates must be very detailed so that you won't encounter any surprises when the final bill arrives. Insist that the roofer put in writing the information about all materials, including underlayment and flashing. Ask how many workers will be involved, and require the roofer to give you an approximate date of completion. If any oral agreements have been made concerning the project, then make sure that the contractor incorporates them into the paperwork. Always get a copy of the signed agreement before work begins.

Property owners usually get a better deal by choosing a clearly qualified professional than by simply opting for the lowest bidder. Roofers who are not properly equipped and insured can charge a lower price, but their finished product is often shoddy. Although your roof can sometimes be repaired rather than replaced, you should be wary of a contractor who urges you to spend a large amount of money to fix an old roof. Likewise, don't be easily fooled by representatives who go door-to-door and suggest that you may have undetected storm damage. Unless your area has experienced hail that is more than an inch in diameter, you probably have no damage. A careful approach to hiring a roofing contractor ensures that you will end up with a high-quality, durable roofing system.

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