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Just like there are many styles and color options for rain gutters, homeowners can find an equally wide array of downspouts. A property owner could select a downspout that perfectly matches the shape and color of the gutters, or instead choose an option that blends into the home's paint, brick or stucco. The following guide to the styles of downspouts can help a homeowner make a good decision when working with experienced Morris County roofers during an installation project.

Rectangular shaped downspouts are the most widely used across the United States. They are popular because they can be mounted flush against the home and do not protrude much from the exterior walls. They come in sizes measuring 2x3 inches to 4x5 inches. The basic variety is white, although the gutters can be painted or custom made in other colors. Nearly all downspouts are mounted with downspout brackets.

Circular downspouts are another option. Their diameters range from three to six inches. The outside of these pipes can be plain or corrugated. Rarely, spiral downspouts are used on houses. This shape is less common because it does not accommodate as much water flow.

The most common material used to produce downspouts is aluminum. Because it is inexpensive, malleable and naturally resists corrosion, aluminum downspouts are standard.

Some homeowners prefer to upgrade to stronger materials such as copper.

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The color of copper, in addition to its enhanced strength and durability, makes it a durable option for use in downspouts as well as gutters. Copper gutters are typically desired for their natural color, although some may come with a penny finish.

Steel downspouts are sometimes chosen by property owners who would like an exact paint match to seamlessly blend in with their home's color. These pipes are specially made so that enamel can adhere to them. Even when exposed to the heat and ultraviolet radiation from the sun, the enamel does not chip or fade.

To get the look of copper at a lower price, some homeowners select mixed metal downspouts, such as copper clad galvanized steel or copper affixed atop of aluminum. These downspouts offer the exterior strength against denting and dings that copper can sometimes be vulnerable to, while the interior metal provides the basic need for fast drainage.

Older homes may still have lead coated downspouts. While these pipes offer incredible strength and durability, they have become uncommon due to scientific discoveries related to the health effects of lead exposure. If a homeowner discovers that their downspouts are made of lead, the old materials should be carefully disposed of.

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