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While insulating a home isn't the most glamorous home project, it certainly is an important one. Despite the fact that insulation is a feature that homeowners don't see, it continually works to shield the home from outside temperatures. Ultimately, insulation does a lot to make the home a more comfortable place to live. One of the most common types of insulation is made from fiberglass. Morris County roofers often use fiberglass insulation.

Fiberglass insulation comes in a few different forms. However, every form is made from thin glass fibers, hence the name. These fibers do a lot to resist the transfer of heat. The specific R value of fiberglass insulation varies depending on the thickness, density and form. Installing this insulation can be a bit tricky due to the nature of fiberglass. It is known to be incredibly uncomfortable if any of the glass fibers penetrate the skin. Professionals normally wear protective gear to avoid the itching caused by the tiny fibers.

Batts are a common form of this insulation. They are usually cut in specific widths to accommodate the standard spacing of wall studs, joists and rafters. All it takes is cutting batts to size and fitting them into place. For even more convenience, many batts come faced with paper or foil.

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Paper faces add a bit more protection and structure to the insulation. They also usually have flanges to make fastening the insulation easier. Foil faces increase the insulation's protection. It aides in thermal control and acts as a water barrier.

Loose fill fiberglass insulation is designed to fit into every nook and cranny of a space. These installations consist of loose strands of fiberglass instead of a compacted sheet. This fluffy insulation is predominantly used in attics. However, it can also be used inside walls. The biggest advantage is the ability to cover cold spots. The loose fibers fill cracks and uneven surfaces, providing exceptional coverage. They are also light enough to be used in large spaces. To install loose fill insulation, special equipment must be used. The insulation usually comes from the manufacturer in large, compacted cubes that must be broken up and fluffed. A blower is then used to disperse the fiberglass. Professionals have large hoses so that they can reach any tight spot.

Overall, fiberglass insulation is a great solution for homeowners. Regardless of which type of fiberglass insulation is used, the home will have better protection against thermal loss and temperature changes.

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