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The summer season is known for heat waves and more sunshine, which means more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. It's also a time when the roof can suffer damage due to the intensity of the weather. To protect the structure in high temperatures, there are a few steps to take with the help of Morris County roofers.

Many different types of roofing materials suffer from damage when they're exposed to the sun for an extended period of time. Among the most common consequences for this include shingles that curl and an increase in the temperature on the roof. Heat can also be absorbed into the home, which can increase the cost of energy on the property.

The temperature in the attic of the home will directly affect how warm the roof becomes during the summer months. Homeowners should check to make sure there is cool air circulating in the space to reduce the temperatures of the tiles or shingles. Vents and fans can be used to prevent heat from accumulating. Extra insulation can also be added in the attic with spray foam that is used in areas that have awkward corners or shapes.

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The insulation should be checked by a professional to ensure that it's up to code. Gaps or cracks can even be caulked to prevent hot air from entering the home.

The roof can also be painted white to prevent heat from being attracted to the surface. A cool roof coating can be applied by a professional to increase the solar reflectance of the structure as well. The coating will last for several years before it needs to be reapplied and can increase the lifespan of the roof.

Those who are already planning on re-roofing the building can choose materials that can withstand warm climates. Consider using clay tiles, slate, asphalt shingles and metal panels to ensure that the roof will remain durable.

Gaps or holes should also be sealed to prevent insects or animals from entering the attic, which can cause an infestation on the roof as the critters attempt to find shelter. An inspection should also be performed to ensure that droppings are not present, which will require that the intruders are removed immediately.

Some homeowners also consider installing an automated misting system that keeps the home cooler during the day. The device monitors the temperature of the roof's surface and releases a light spray of water to cool off the structure.

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