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As solar technology continues to improve and get cheaper, Morris County roofers are encountering more and more customers who have solar panels installed or are considering them. Recently, the energy industry released a new product as a competitor to panels called solar shingles. What's interesting about these shingles is that they aren't installed onto the roof but instead replace existing shingles.

One of the great concerns when it comes to solar panels is the roof protrusions they cause. Each panel usually requires four protrusions into the roof. These protrusions are, of course, sealed, but even with a small array of four panels, that's 16 potential leak risks that you must be mindful of. Solar shingles have an advantage here in that they only have to adhere to the roof and not protrude from it.

Solar shingles are not without their downsides. Since they're installed in a fixed position, that position must generally be facing southward. That means that for some houses, solar shingles just won't be an option, and in other cases, it may just be a limited option. Solar panels, on the other hand, can be angled to the ideal position.

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They also tend to be more efficient than shingles, which means that they're more productive in scenarios that are less than ideal.

Another consideration is fit and aesthetic. Solar shingles are designed with standard asphalt and laminated asphalt shingles in mind. They tend to be black, but colored options are emerging on the market. These shingles tend to work well will metal and rolled roofs as well, but if you have a wood roof or a slate roof, then these shingles may not be practical or aesthetically pleasing.

Perhaps the most exciting option is how expandable they are. Upgrading a solar panel array is expensive and time-consuming, but adding solar shingles generally isn't. That means that homeowners can dip their proverbial toe in the water with a few shingles to augment their power consumption and then expand that shingle array if they determine it to be a worthwhile investment.

One last important point is the energy rebate that may be available to you. There are rebates from federal, state and local sources. Most of the rebates that apply to solar panels apply to solar shingles as well. This means that you can use these rebates, tax breaks and other opportunities to not only expand your local grid with solar power but to also offset the cost of a new roof.

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