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Recent innovations in metal roofing materials have allowed for a proliferation in the colors, patterns and designs that are available for use on residential rooftops. These new developments make metal roofs not only durable and long lasting but attractive and complementary to a home's architectural style. Homeowners can work with local Morris County roofers to choose a finish and pattern that best meets their needs.

One of the most popular styles of metal roofing is standing seam. In this style, the seams are turned up, overlapped and folded in decorative ways. This is a fancier take on the basic lap seam that the panels would otherwise sport. The seams are usually spaced 18 to 24 inches apart, but this can be varied. A homeowner can often work with a contractor to create a custom order for panel seams and configurations that are not in the dealer's stock.

Another part of metal roof designs and styles is their color. Copper roofs are known for their natural brightness that fades to a rich patina after a few years of exposure to the outdoor air.

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Most other roofs are outfitted with a paint, coating or epoxy that both protects the roof's surface and enhances the natural color of the metal. For example, the raw aluminum used in roofing is considered unappealing by most property owners. Adding a zinc coating, epoxy primer or ceramic finish makes the rooftop more attractive. If a white or light-colored paint is applied to the roof's surface, it can also enhance the structure's energy efficiency. Thousands of color options are available for steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel and tin roofing. These coatings are typically applied during the manufacturing process, but they can be retrofit after a roof is already installed.

Metal also lends itself to the ability to create intricate geometries on a rooftop. A homeowner who wants a truly one-of-a-kind roofing system can work with contractors to design shapes such as domes and pyramids, which are difficult to construct with other roof materials. The malleability of aluminum and tin makes these metals good choices for a complex roof design. All metal roofs are light in weight, which means that they can be configured in taller designs without the extra materials adding a significant amount to the weight borne by the roof's support system. This flexibility allows homeowners to add authentic architectural details such as spire, dome or curved shapes like those in traditional Asian roofing designs.

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