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Over time, roofs wear down and have to be replaced. If you know what the warning signs are, you can then make this update before the structure starts to leak. With help from Morris County roofers, you can update the look of your home while ensuring that the interior remains safe and dry.

Curling shingles and strange patterns are a cause for concern. If you're seeing alligatoring, clawing, tearing, or other changes in the appearance of your roof, then it's probably time for a professional inspection. These are all signs of serious weathering, and roofs that show this type of damage are typically very close to failure.

An asphalt roof will have a layer of tar paper underneath to help protect the structure if shingles blow off in a storm, but that paper won't last very long. If you're missing shingles, it's important to schedule repairs right away so that you can avoid costly bills later on.

Head to the attic and look at the underside of the eaves. If you can see light coming through in nonvented areas, you may have serious problems. You should also look for water stains as this will typically indicate the earliest stages of a leak.

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Other signs of problems include rust on the nailheads that are visible in your attic. That rust can mean that your attic isn't properly vented, and this can lead to premature roof failure.

Stand out on the street and take a critical look at your roofline. If it appears to be sagging, then you may have issues with the decking over your attic or even the foundation supports. The sooner you have these problems addressed, the more secure your house will be. This is the type of damage that will continue to spread if left unchecked.

While you're surveying the roof, look for bald spots. An asphalt roof is covered with tiny granules that help protect the structural integrity of the shingles. These little rocks will initially wash away gradually, but the removal process speeds up as the roof nears the end of its useful life. If it looks like the roof is bare or there are granules in the gutters and around your landscaping, then your roof should be replaced.

Finally, try to keep up with the neighbors. If you notice that several people in your neighborhood are making upgrades, then it may be worth your time to take a closer look at your own roof. While you want to get the most out of your existing roof, you'll also want to replace it before active water leaks develop.

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