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Homeowners may not think twice about the sound of wild animals running across their roofs in the middle of the night because they think those animals pose little threat or harm to them. The truth is that those animals can cause a significant amount of damage to a house. Some animals and rodents can gain access to a home through a hole that is roughly the size of a nickel or a dime. Once they get inside a roof, they can start building nests inside the walls, eating through insulation and even chewing through electrical wiring. If a homeowner suspects that animals may be nesting on their roof, they should contact professional Morris County roofers to inspect and make repairs if necessary.

There are three main components to a typical roofing system: the deck, underlayment and shingles or tiles. The underlayment typically looks like long sheets of plastic, rubber or asphalt that contractors install on the top of the roof. They also use some aggregate materials that keep the underlayment from shifting. Animals living on the roof and rodents that have access to the roof may chew through that underlayment and then work their way through the decking to get inside the house.

Some of the more common types of animals found on roofs in the area include squirrels, birds, bats and owls.

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Squirrels and other similar animals can climb neighboring trees, jump onto the gutters and then work their way up to the roof, but flying animals can simply fly onto the roof and start building nests in the gutters, eaves and chimneys. A common sign that there are animals living on the roof is the presence of those animals. Homeowners may see animals constantly running across the roof or see the animals running and flying away when they sense the presence of humans.

Another warning sign is debris hanging down from the roof or debris that keeps falling off the roof. Animals often use any available materials when building their nests. After breaking shingles and other materials into smaller pieces, those animals may discard any remaining pieces in the yard. This leads to homeowners finding broken shingles or tiles and pieces of underlayment close to their foundations.

It is also common for homeowners and their families to actually hear those animals. Squirrels and chipmunks may rush back and forth during the day or in the middle of the night. The sooner they find out whether there are animals on the roof, the sooner they can start repairing the damage those animals left behind.

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