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It is not uncommon for Morris County roofers to be called by local homeowners after a storm has hit. One of the main problems that homeowners experience is shingle damage due to high winds. Each type of shingle has been given a certain wind rating. It is important for homeowners to understand wind rating, especially if they are thinking of replacing their roofs sometime in the near future. The manufacturers of roofing materials will provide wind ratings for their products.

Each type of shingle has a set wind rating. Architectural shingles are rated to endure 100 to 130 mph winds. Three tab asphalt shingles have a wind rating of 60 to 70 mph. Laminate shingles have a wind rating of about 130 mph. These numbers can be affected by other factors.

One thing that can affect the wind rating of a shingle is the amount of nails that are used to attach a shingle to the roof deck. When architectural shingles are attached to the roof using four steel nails, they will receive a wind rating of 110 mph. Their wind rating can be increased to 130 when six steel nails are used to attach them. When winds reach speeds of 135 mph, they are equivalent to a category five hurricane.

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Shingles must be attached with nails. If staples are used instead, the warranty on the shingles might be void.

The installation process can also affect the wind rating that is given to certain shingles. They must be applied properly to a roof in order to get the best results. Each shingle has an area that is about an inch long where they will overlap on a roof. The nails should be placed in this area. When shingles are attached to a roof in an area outside of this one-inch strip, they lower the wind rating of the shingle. When multiple shingles are not applied properly, the roof can be more susceptible to damage.

The organization ARMA came up with a shingle wind rating system using letters. When shingles can withstand winds of 150 mph, they are rated class H. Class G provides up to 120 mph wind protection. Class D shingles can sustain winds of up to 90 mph.

Storms are seen in all cities across the United States. It is important for homeowners everywhere to understand wind rating and choose shingles that are appropriate for the areas in which they live.

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