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Our company, All Professional Remodeling Group, also known as All Professional Remodeling, is a local company based out of Cedar Grove, New Jersey. We provide services for those living in Bergen County, Essex County and Morris County. Founded in 1996, our company specializes in home remodeling jobs. Our trained and dependable contractors at All Professional Remodeling are all licensed and insured, which gives customers peace of mind when it comes to hiring workers to help them with home improvement projects.

One of the services available to customers is the installation of new siding. Old siding can change the way a home looks and even lower the value of the home. Damage can occur because of exposure to high winds, rain, snow and ice. Though vinyl siding is the most popular option, contractors can help with the installation of other types of siding as well. We also have access to unique tools that allow us to cut away damaged parts of the siding and install new siding in those spaces. Many homeowners find that repairing or replacing a small portion of the siding is much more affordable than replacing an entire wall of siding.

All Professional Remodeling can help with new window installations as well. Though many homeowners worry that new windows are well outside their budgets, they can often justify the cost after looking at how much those windows can help them save. Windows that are 20 years old or even newer can still suffer from drafts, missing weatherstripping and other problems that allow warm and cold air to escape the house during the summer and winter months. New windows eliminate drafts, which can help homeowners save on their heating and cooling bills.

While our company offers assistance on many different types of home improvement projects, most customers call for help with roofing issues. Many of these jobs start with a roof inspection that gives contractors a starting place and firsthand knowledge of exactly what the roof needs. After performing an inspection, our contractors can give homeowners an estimate that shows how much they will pay for materials and labor to fix their roof. Our experts at All Professional Remodeling can handle jobs relating to gutters as well, including the installation of gutter guards, fixing loose gutters and replacing damaged gutters. With so many different options available, locals can call on us when they require professional, efficient and trustworthy services for home maintenance.

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