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Maciej Michalski, our owner at All Professional Remodeling, understands the effect that new windows can have on a home. Though many locals know the company for its roofing services, our company also offers different types of remodeling services that include the installation of new windows and skylights. Our contractors working under Michalski know that there isn't a one size fits all option when it comes to windows. That's why our team's expert contractors work closely with all homeowners and clients to ensure that they find windows just right for their properties.

All Professional Remodeling roofers work exclusively with vinyl and aluminum windows. Aluminum grew in popularity during the 1950s as manufacturers and home builders used the metal for casement and other types of windows. Though aluminum still has applications today, some homeowners prefer the benefits often associated with vinyl. Vinyl doesn't rust, unlike aluminum, and it often lasts twice as long or even longer.

Not long after expanding into the world of windows, we also added skylight installation to the list of services to offer. Our company can install skylights from some of the top manufacturers, including Velux America and Pella. Skylights bring in more natural light and can create an aesthetically pleasing look in any space.

Our All Professional Remodeling roofing contractors also have experience when it comes to energy efficient windows. Backed by an Energy Star guarantee, these windows feature several panes of glass with features in the center that reduces the risk of cold air getting through and of drafts. Leaks and drafts are two of the top signs that a home needs new windows. Homeowners may perform an energy audit before proceeding with the necessary installations and repairs, which will reveal exactly where they lose and waste the most amount of energy.

Though our company, All Professional Remodeling does not perform energy audits, our contractors will inspect the premises and inform homeowners of the locations at which they lose energy from the building. We are also available for consultation about how new windows can help. Our experienced contractors can offer suggestions and recommendations regarding which type of windows will look best in all areas of the home, and their expertise extends to casement, double hung sash, single hung sash, bay, bow or awning style windows.

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