Factors to Consider When Reviewing Commercial Roof Warranties

Commercial roofs are different from residential roofs in several aspects, including warranties. This is why it’s important to understand the nuances of commercial roofing warranties so that you know what’s covered in the future. In this post, All Professional Remodeling Group, the top commercial roof replacement company in the area, shares some of the factors you should consider when reviewing commercial roofing warranties. 

Material and Labor Warranties

The material warranty will only cover the defects on the materials supplied by the manufacturer. This will protect you from paying for manufacturing defects that lead to serious issues such as roof leaks. However, their main difference is that they do not cover any mistakes that your roofing contractor could make during the replacement process.

On the other hand, the labor warranty will protect you against roof replacement and installation errors committed by your roofing contractor. For this warranty to be considered valid, your roof must be installed by a licensed and certified roofing contractor. If possible, hire the contractor that offers both of these warranties for your peace of mind.

No-Dollar, Original Cost or Pro-Rated Warranty

A no-dollar limit warranty will cover the whole cost of repairing your roofing system. With an original cost warranty, the manufacturer will cover the repair cost up to the total cost of the original roofing purchase. Meanwhile, the pro-rated warranty will reduce in value as time goes on during its validity.

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