How to Mix and Match Siding Materials

Surely, you can’t go wrong with classic siding styles. But if you want something different from the traditional siding look, you can mix up different materials and textures to get a unique and more visually interesting home exterior. 

All Professional Remodeling Group, a trusted expert in siding and residential skylights, offers a few tips on how you can come up with a good combination of siding materials.

Choose Profiles

Don’t be afraid to play with siding profiles. Using two different siding profiles for your home exterior is usually the easiest way to emphasize the distinct features of the siding materials. For example, you can use horizontal planks on the first floor of your home and opt for scallops or shakes on the second. If you want a stone profile, it’s best to choose a larger stone profile (such as cut cobblestone or field stone) for a large area of application. But if you will only be using stone on a smaller area, a ledgestone or shadow ledgestone would be more ideal.

Select the Colors

This shouldn’t be a problem with vinyl siding or other siding materials since siding products usually come in various colors and textures nowadays. Typically, the color palette for home exteriors consists of at least three hues in order to accentuate the roof, the walls and the accents. When choosing colors for a two-siding exterior, you should use distinct colors in order to highlight the shift in material. For instance, you can opt for one dark and one light hue to create good contrast. These do not have to be totally different colors; they can be two different shades of the same color.

Test the Siding Materials

When finalizing your choices, make sure to take the siding materials outside your home. This way, you’ll have a good idea of how the materials, colors and textures will look like under the sun and in the environment where they will be seen. Get large samples too because it can be difficult to see the full effect of your siding combinations if you are using only small samples.

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