Do You Have to Move Out During a Roof Replacement?

A roof replacement project is a significant undertaking for every homeowner. After all, it requires careful planning, investment and execution to pull off perfectly. Once you’ve completed the planning process, you’re most likely more than eager to start the project. However, a roof replacement project can get messy. Do you need to move out temporarily during the span of the project? In this post, All Professional Remodeling Group, the top residential and commercial roofing company, shares the answer to this question. 

The Short Answer?

The short and simple answer is, no. For a typical American home, a roof replacement will take a few days to complete, provided that there are no significant hindrances, such as weather events. Roofing contractors try to work on the roofing project during weekdays when the occupants are out to minimize disturbance. However, since we’re mostly indoors today due to the global situation, you might find the constant pounding and dust around you to be bothersome, so moving out is also a good consideration.

Other Considerations

If you can’t move out of your home during the roof replacement project, here are the things you’ll need to consider during the duration of the project:

  1. Children. If you have children at home, you have to inform them of the project that’s going on and how long it will last so that they can prepare ahead of time. Relocate them to a safe space in your home that’s far from the project area where they can play and stay for the meantime.

  1. Cars. Park your vehicle on the other side of the street for the the project to avoid debris from accidentally falling on your car or property.

  1. Landscaping. Your roofer will protect your plants and other landscaping by setting protective tarps over them to prevent debris from getting into them. They’ll also use magnets to pull out stray nails after your roof is installed.

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