Pros and Cons of Installing a Skylight

So, you’re thinking about installing a skylight in your home, whether in the bathroom, kitchen or converted attic, but you’re not quite sure if it’s the right investment for you. Just like other home modifications, there are several factors to consider, particularly the number of exciting advantages and common pitfalls. In this article, a roofing and vinyl siding expert breaks down the pros and cons of installing skylights. 

Pros of Installing a Skylight

A skylight addition is thrilling for a lot of good reasons. Here are some of them:

  • It adds natural light. The biggest benefit of a skylight is it maximizes the amount of sunlight that trickles into your home, opening up the living space and making it appear more spacious and airy. Plus, natural light is also known to boost positive mood and productivity.

  • It enhances the aesthetics of your home. Adding a skylight enhances the architectural appearance of your exterior and creates a more inviting atmosphere inside, which adds to the equity and ups the resale value of your home.

  • It provides gorgeous views. A skylight connects the interiors to the outdoors, making homeowners feel one with nature. It provides views of the dark, starry sky at nighttime and the lush, green trees at daytime.

Cons of Installing a Skylight

There are potential drawbacks to every form of home modification and installing residential skylights is no exception.

  • It allows air leaks. A skylight can be a source of heat loss if it’s not properly installed by a professional roofer or built with substandard materials. Make sure to work with a certified contractor in order to avoid scenarios in which the conditioned air escapes to the outside, pushing up your utility bills.

  • It brings in too much light or heat. Incorrect placement of a skylight can bring in uncomfortable amounts of heat or light. That’s why you should not skip proper consultation. An experienced installer will know the optimal location for a skylight that can minimize its common problems without sacrificing its natural benefits.

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